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  1. It’s Time!

    Sometimes, we fall into things we shouldn’t even though we ALREADY know where those things will lead us. I’ve come to learn we fall into those forbidden things because we think we are stronger than the adversary. We think we’re big & tough and that we won’t fall prey. So, we dabble in those things & allow ourselves “to go there” & “do that.”

    My life hasn’t been perfect. I haven’t been perfect throughout my life. There are some regrets I wish I could completely wipe away from the chalk board as if “they never happened.” There are some moments in time I wish I could wiggle my nose, click my church heels, slap some blessed oil on & “make it all go away.” I wish some areas in my life would have NEVER happened because then there “may have been” a better outcome. Instead these things, these moments, these occurrences serve as a constant reminder of HOW BIG MY GOD is & that He is mighty to save!!!

    I thank God for HIS consistent forgiving heart. I am forever indebted to HIM because HE has remained faithful to me (even when I wasn’t faithful to HIM). He has continued to love me unconditionally (even when I went through a period of NOT liking what I was becoming). He continued to protect my ENTIRE BODY (even when I went through a moment of desecrating my own body). He continued to be the potter of my lumpy & clumpy clay body. He continued to show me HIS desires for my life (even when I doubted I could ever become what He had already called me to be). He continued to hide me (when I was too foolish to stay in that SECRET PLACE). He continued to be my constant (even when I doubted I could be HIS constant). God has been so awesome to me, even in my mess & my imperfections.

    God called me to the Nations back in 1984 & I replied “there is NO way I can EVER do that.” So, I rebelled. I refused to accept my calling. I even refused to walk in anything that resembled my calling for quite some time. Why am I telling this story this way & now? Simple answer: IT’S TIME! It’s time for the soldiers of God to rise up & tear down what is unlawful, inaccurate, deceitful, cuonterfeit, & even dead & edify, exhort, rebuild, birth, deliver what God desires for HIS people.

    God delivered me form ME. God delivered me from those things that kept me falling & spiralling down. God stayed with me & continued to show me HIS plan for my life. There are several prophetic impartations I’ve received over the course of my lfe. Guess what? They are from different strong men/women of God sown into me at different times in my life. They ALL SPEAK the same message. So, I know they have all been OF GOD!!!

    My message to WHOEVER is reading this post —> “stay with God, no matter how bad you may think life for you is right now at this moment.” Don’t give up on God! Don’t quit! Don’t believe ANYTHING that fool of the enemy tries to throw at you. They are LIES sent out to kill what God has birthed in you, Steal what God has given you, & Destroy what God wants to manisfest in you!!! Tell that fool that got kicked out of heaven “& so this is why you no longer reign w/God…”

    Love You All,
    Chosen Nurse

  2. I need to get a job to help me pay for my school fee which runs to ksh.20,000 every two months.Thank you and God bless you.

  3. Father, You are God who supplies every need. I ask that you meet Geoffrey’s needs now. Give him peace to know that our God can do all things and that nothing is impossible with You. I thank You now Father for what You are going to do in Geoffrey’s life. In Jesus’ Name

  4. This morning all praise, glory and honor belong to God, for He alone is worthy! I just praise Him for keeping me in my right mind, and for His provisions. I’m trusting God when His word told in Ps 27…”Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident”… Because ‘the LORD is my Light and my salvation, whom, shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?’ Bless His Holy name!

  5. Thanks you for your prayer about my car with Firestone they released my car but I’m still having the same issue with my car requesting that they credit my account for the 1,600.00 I spent on repairs and still have the same issue . Please continue to pray for me and this problem. Ihave my car at the dealership now trying to fix the problem

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