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Dear Lord,       As we bow our heads in complete humbleness to you, we ask you for forgiveness of all our sins. We also thank you for all the bountiful blessings you so graciously bestow upon us. We ask that you be with all who are in need of your comfort. Grant them the solace and mercy of your loving spirit. Be with all who are lost and forgotten. Let them know that your arms of love and grace are enfolding them and that they are truly NOT alone, or forgotten. Please comfort those in grief and anguish as they come to terms with the realization that a loved one is gone forever. They are now one with you, Father….and like your son, Jesus Christ- -who is at your right hand, our loved ones are not far away, either. Father, more importantly, we thank you for your son, Jesus. Through Him, we can reach you for every need, and in addition, praise you for all things. In Jesus sake, Amen.

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  1. Im requesting pray for me and my family. My husband was laid off two years ago and have yet to find a sturdy good job. I am requesting prayer for the right job. im requesting prayer for my daughter who is a senior this year and is struggling with the different things for her generation. Im on the line now and i am requesting peace for me…peace in my mind, peace in my spirit. Iv lost my joy and my faith is on all time low. I need GOD now

    • God bless you and yours! Thank you Lord for this blessed opportunity. I ask that you would help me send a power prayer to theSanders family this morning ! For the devil is busy…,and he knows that i no he’s a liar! He messing. Woth the young children making them loose respect for their parents. And their elders .See they haven’t learned that when God bless them to reach 21 that meant it was time to be an adult. And take responsibility. For yourself. Now it’s. Time to help them each one teach one in the name of Jesus Amen!

  2. Compared to most, I have everything to be thankful for – and I am. My finances are in order. I have a job that pays well. I have a comfortable home. My family and I are in good health.

    I solicit prayers for my psychological strength, security and soundness. I have a therapist who is great (and that helps), but I know that prayer and a close personal relationship with God are what’s going to get me through.

    Thank you

  3. Do not despair, Debra. God hasn’t forgotten you and knows what you need before you can even think or ask. Based on what you’ve described above you seem to be stable in everything but a relationship with a Christian male companion. They’re not impossible to find, but it’s certainly a challenging search. I’ve been where you are and sometimes still visit there occasionally. It seems God withholds those things we want most, but He knows the desires of our hearts and will deliver them to us in His appointed time – and when we’re ready to receive them and TRULY appreciate them and be appreciated by them. In the meantime, regain control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Give no place to satan for he never misses a day of work (to seek and destroy). You are a child of the Most High God and cultivating your relationship with Him is the best thing you can do for it is the best one you can ever have. He will never leave you or forsake you. He’ll be with you even until the end of time.

    Again, be encouraged. You’re in my prayers.

  4. My 55 year old husband has been diagnosed with lung cancer. I solicit prayers of healing and comfort. He has never smoked a cigarette a day in his life! We do not question God. We just allow Him to do His will. However, we are human and somewhat nervous. We claim healing in His name. We just need all of the prayer warriors out there! Thank you all so much and may God continue to bless you all! You are doing great things.

    • Sheryl, I know that this is a difficult time for your family and you. Often times, we are people of faith, we trust God and we know that He is faithful to His word, but when things like this come at us out of the blue, in our human selves, we get frightened, we get anxious because we don’t know what to expect. I am praying for your husband now in the name of Jesus. The scripture tells us the He (God) sent His word and He healed us. We know that the Word is Jesus, because in the Gospel of John it says, “and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” Then we know that the Apostle Peter declared that “with His stripes we were healed.” I am praying and expecting God to honor His word that by the stripes of Jesus your husband was healed. Job 22:28 says: “You shall also decide and decree a thing, and it shall be established for you; and the light [of God’s favor] shall shine upon your ways.” (AMP) I therefore decree that the Word of God concerning your husbands healing is true and that it shall not return to Him void but shall accomplish that which He sent it to do! Healing is the Children’s bread, it is our portion in Christ Jesus so we declare healing for your husband now in Jesus’ name! You be encouraged my sister, God is on the throne. He loves you and He is with you and for you.

  5. I asking for prayer for me as I am going through difficult times, I am going through a divorce and facing financial troubles and my husband is trying to make it hard for me.

  6. Sometimes, my dear Sister, when we are going through our storms, it seems like we are all alone. I’m here to share with you and to testify that God sees all, and knows all. He knows exactly what you through, AND, the good about Him being an all knowing God is, He knows just how much you can handle. Yolanda Adams addresses our Lord and Savior as ‘The Captain of her soul’ in the song ‘Through the Storm’. As the winds and the waves of this life become high and it seems like you are about to capsize, hand the wheel over the ‘The Captain’, He can handle it. Rest assured Sister, this storm too shall pass. Let me encourage you to listen to Through the Storm by Yolanda Adams, and allow her to minister to your heart.

    Praying your strength in the Lord…

  7. Tonight I am probably as sad and as discouraged as I have been in a long, long time as a believer. My heart hurts and I don’t know how to get comfort. How are you comforted when your feel like your spirit has been crushed. Please pray for me. I need this pain lifted.


    • Sister Carolyn–
      You are most definitely in my prayers. God hears your cry and He knows your hurt and there is nothing too hard for Him…so rest in Him.
      Father God in the Name of Jesus, we come to you tonight in adoration and praise…Lord not for what You’ve done, but simply because of Who you are. You are a God that sits high and looks low and knows everything about us, what we are going through and how much we can handle. I thank you Lord that you know our cutoff point and when we’ve reached it, You are there to pick us up and carry us until we are strong enough to stand by ourselves again. Lord I come to you on behalf of my beloved sister who right now is seeking your peace and comfort, for you are our Jehovah Shalom. It’s in your name, Jehovah Shalom, that we ask for peace for Sis Carolyn in the midst of her storm. Father give her the peace to know that your promise still stands, that you will never leave her not forsake her. It’s in You and You alone that we can claim the victory over our tests and trials. So tonight Lord, please hold Sister Carolyn in your arms and grant her the peace that she so earnestly seeks. It’s in the Mighty name of Jesus I pray… Amen.
      Stay strong Sister Carolyn and keep the faith…God has not forgotten about you!

  8. Seeking prayers for a better job opportunity and direction in my life for my career and calling. Also for my family, finances, and health.

    • Major, God is a rewarder of them that dilligently seek Him so as you continue to seek God, I believe that He will move in every area of your life.

      Father, in the Name of Jesus I lift up my brother’s petition before You, knowing God that Your word says that this is the confidence that we have, that You hear us and if we know that You hear us then we will have the petition that we ask. My petition Father is that you will open doors for my brother. I pray God that Your favor will rest upon Major and his family. Bless everything that he puts his hands to Father and raise him up as the High Priest of his home that as he honors you and gives you first place in his life that you would elevate and promote him in all areas of his life. In Jesus’ Name Amen

    • Brother Major, God knows our needs even before we utter them. He also knows the desires of your heart. Psalm 37 tells us to Delight ourselves in the Lord and He will give us the desires of our hearts. In your waiting I urge you to continue to seek God’s will for your life and faint not, Don’t give up on God, cause He won’t give up on you. God’s timing is not our timing, so just know that whenever the ‘better’ job comes along, it will be right on time.
      Father God, Elohim, Our God who is Almighty and all powerful. It’s in the name of Jesus I come tonight on behalf of Brother Major as he seeks direction for his career, as well as seeking Your blessings over his family, finances and health. Father, you know the desires of Brother Major’s heart, and you also know the plans that you have for his life. I pray Lord God that Brother Major’s desires will line up with your plans, and You will honor his request. Father God in the manifestations of you blessings we will be careful to give Your name the praise, for it is in You that all things work together for good to those that love You God, for those who are the called according to your purpose. Give him peace in his current circumstances until You, Lord, are ready to move Him to the next level that You have ordained for his life. I pray that Your peace reign over Brother Major’s household and that You will be the center of their joy. Father God we bind any illnesses that may be lurking and any schemes plotted by the devil in the mighty name of Jesus. Father God, bless the finances of Brother Major that they will be sufficient to handle the needs of his household. In the name of Jesus I pray…Amen.

  9. Good morning,

    Hi my name is Candice and I would like to know if you would lift my children and husband up in prayer. I have three boys Nashowa, Jaheim, and John Charles III and two daughters Alize`, and Tymira. Please pray for my husband strength in the Lord his name is Terrance he tries hard to provide and to be a good husband and father. We are under attack more then I would like by the enemy. I know God has us it just get tiresome at times. We all need God to help us collectively as well as individually. Could you please pray over my husband job as he has been there two years and does the work of three men and keep getting looked over for raises and promotions. Please pray he keeps his cool and trust God to do what only He can. Could you please pray for me I desire to be closer to the Lord and be the woman of God he ordained me to be at birth I just want more of him in all our lives. We need the favor of the Lord our God in our lives. Thank you so much for this page may the Lord our God bless you all and keep you as you continuously be there for others.

    Candice Rasco

    • Candice, I believe that your heart is to please God and to raise your children to please God, and the word of says that if we delight ourselves in Him that He will give us the desires of our heart.
      Father, right now in the name that is above every name, in the name of Jesus, I lift up Candice, her husband Terrance and their children. This family desires to please you and to honor you with their lives Father, so I believe that you will honor their faithfulness to You. Your word declares that”For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.” Now Father, because Candice’s heart is perfect towards You, not as men count perfection God, maybe not even as Candice herself counts perfection, but as You count perfection, I believe that You will show yourself mighty on behalf of this family. I pray for Terrance, a good man, that You would let him find favor in the eyes of man, even as he has found favor in the eyes of God. Father you know what is right, and I believe that you will cause even unjust people to do what is right. Let Terrance know that You will fight his battles, show him that the favor of God is more than education, more than senority, more than any personal connections that others may use to get promotions. I ask that you establish Terrance and provide promotion and elevation that will confound even the ones who offer the promotion. Give Candice peace Father, let her know that she is indeed the woman of God that You called her to be, because like the woman in Proverbs 31, her care and her concern are for her house! Bless this family Father, let them be a testimony in the earth to the Glory and wonder working power of our God! We praise You in advance for what You will do in the life of this family! In Jesus’ name.

    • Sister Candice, I am reminded of the conversation God had with Abraham when He (God) made known that Sarah and Abraham would become parents in their old age. In the spirit of doubt, fear and unbelief, God asked the question, ‘Is there anything too hard for God?’ We as children of God know beyond a shadow of doubt that there is NOTHING too hard for God. When it seems that life has hit you with more than you can bear, just know that God is there to pick you up and carry you until you are strong enough to stand on your own again. Be encouraged my sister in the Lord and in the power of His might.
      Father God, our Jehovah Jireh, Our Lord who will provide. It’s in the Mighty name of Jesus, I come on behalf of my dear sister Candice to make her request known to you. I come Lord God asking that you would be with our sister as she stand in the gap for her family. Asking Father that you will be with her and her family collectively as they continue to live a life seeking guidance from You. I pray God that you will order their steps as they strive to live a life that is pleasing to you, seeking you first in all they do. I pray Lord God that You will dispatch your angels of protection round about them that satan will not have the victory in disturbing that family or household. Father God I pray for that family as individuals Lord. You know the plans that You have designed for each one of them individually Lord. Lord let them continue to seek you daily for that plan. I pray Lord God for each child that you have lovingly placed in that family, I know it’s lovingly Lord because You don’t make mistakes. Lord as they walk the halls of there respective schools, Lord God, let Your radiance shine from them, that others may seek to know You. Dear Master, let your joy be their strength. Father, I ask in the name of Jesus that you will be with Brother Terrance as he works at being the best husband, father and provider for his family. I pray peace over his place of employment. Lord God, I pray that you would place a peace in Brother Terrance at his workplace that surpasses all understanding. Praying that the Light of Jesus radiate from him as he carry out his job as unto You Dear God and that you will speak to the heart of his employer for fair compensation. I pray Dear God for Sister Candice as she seek to be what you have ordained for her life. I pray all of these things according to Your will Master, In the matchless name of Jesus I pray…Amen

    I have been dealing with health issues for several years but the hardest the last 2 years. Neurological problems that the doctors can’t seem to diagnose and I have a lump on my left breasted and a lesion on my left shoulder. The neurological issues are taxing and have progressed over time without diagnosis (stroke like symptoms with physical distortions, slurred speech, numbness tingling and weakness in limbs (parasthesia). I just had an abnormal brain scan so I will be going under further testing to investigate that. In the meantime I became engaged to be married on Valentines Day and I need help with executing the wedding. Right now we don’t have the means to put on a wedding BUT GOD! PLEASE LIFT ME UP IN PRAYER…

    • My sister…healing is the will of God for His Children. Father, I ask you now in the name of Jesus to touch my sister, you know all things and you know what is causing her suffering. Father I intercede on behalf of my sister, believing that healing is our portion in Christ Jesus, “By His stripes, we were healed!” Touch my sister now in the Name of Jesus, I pray. The Word of God declares that at the name of Jesus every name that is name in heaven and on earth must bow, we declare that whatever this sickness is that is attacking Elease’s body has a name and it MUST bow in the name of Jesus! Your word says “Whose report will you believe?” We believe the report of the Lord that “by His stripes” Elease is healed! We thank you in advance for what You are doing in her body right now and as we see you raise our sister up we will be so careful to give Your name alone the praise, In Jesus’ name we ask this and count it done. Amen! Be encouraged my sister, God is on the throne and He is at work in your life. We love you!

  11. please pray for the salvation and deliverance of my grandchildren and for financial help with an enormous power bill that i don’t have the money to pay. thank you.

    • Sister Rebecca, when God saved you, the promise was that He would save your household, we believe this to be the truth and we believe God to save your grandchildren. You declare that over them, see it in the spirit and call them in! Father, we love You and we honor You. I come now on behalf of my dear sister, I ask You now Father to move on her behalf with regard to her power bill. Father Your word declares that “The earth is the Lord’s and all it’s fullness; the world and all those that dwell in it!” And Father, because the earth, everything and everybody in it belong to You, I ask You now to supply my sister’s needs. You are Jehovah Jireh, God our Provider! I thank You in advance Father for provision for my sister now. Father You know her heart concerning her grandchildren, that they come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord! I ask You Father to stir them now as an eagle stirs her nest so that they become uncomfortable in their sins and can not stay there. Give them no rest in their current state Father. I ask that You put laborers in their paths, men and women of God who will speak the word of life to them so that they would cry out to Jesus to save them. I pray a hedge of protection around them Father so that no harm will come to them while they are still in their sins. Bring them to Yourself Father and save them I ask in Jesus name!

  12. I just would like prayer for my family. My children. I just want my children home where they belong. I’m tired if fighting the system, the state, over my children. Nothing is getting better. I’m just tired if it all. I don’t want to live. I don’t see a reason to. Please don’t mention my name on here. Just pray. Much love. I’m sorry evang Shirley. Please forgive me. Just send your prayers please for my children.

    • My sister, God loves you! He hears you. I want to point you to Luke Chapter 18, Jesus told the story of the unjust judge and the persistent widow. The scripture said that this judge did not fear God nor regard man, but because this widow kept coming, he relented and he gave her justice. I know that this is a dark time in your life right now, but God knows just where you are and because He knows, He will come to your rescue. Don’t grow weary my sister. If you give up, if you let go, then who is going to fight for your children. I believe that God has positioned people who, in His divine timing, will bring you justice. Father, I come now as an intecessor, interceding on behalf of my sister. I don’t know alll the ins and outs of her life Father, but You know, and because You know Father God I am going to tell You thank You right now for stepping into her situation and bringing your justice. Father You are the Righteous Judge, everything that You do is right! I believe You to speak peace to my sister’s heart right now, and Father, even if You don’t calm the storm I ask You to calm your child, let her know that You’ve got this and in Your perfect timing You will bring resolution and You will bring justice. To every demonic spirit and the forces that would try to come against my sister in this trying hour I serve you notice as a servant of the Most High God that you will not torment her mind, you will not stir up her peace. She has peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. I send forth angels of the Most High God now to encamp about my sister to serve as a hedge of protection over her. I send forth warring angels to break down every stronghold, to push back every hinderance now! Angels of the Most High God, you are ministering spirits sent to minister to them that are the heirs of salvation, I send you forth now to thoroughly and completely rout the enemy and spoil his plans over my sister’s life now! Father Your word declares that when the enemy comes in like a flood You will raise Your standard against him. Lift Your standard over my sister now Father so that every principality and every high thing that exalts itself above Your name will know that my sister sits under the banner, under the protection, of the Most High God. I ask this in Jesus’ name and count it done! Be encouraged sister, God is in control!

    • Dear Sister, please be encouraged. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Don’t give up on fighting for your children and don’t give up on your hope in the Lord. Don’t give up on your hope because sometimes hope is all we have, it’s the only thing that is keeping us connected. Hold on to your hope in God…I am a living witness that God can change hearts and minds. I would just like to encourage you to put your hope in the Lord and not in man, and that’s including ourselves, because man (we, ourselves included) is limited to what he can do. As much as we would like to fight our own battles against different things that rise up against us, we are fighting a battle that only makes us weary and worn if we try and fight in our own strength. We must know that we have someone who wins every battle that is presented before Him. Trust that God knows the ins and outs of every situation and He’s working it out according to His Divine plan. He’s a just God and a fair God, who can do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or even think. Father God, it’s in the name of your precious Son Jesus we come before you tonight giving you all the honor and glory that you so deserve. For you are the one true God and there is none above You. Lord we come tonight with praise in our mouths and thanksgiving in our hearts. Lord we love you and we acknowledge that we can do nothing without you. Tonight Lord I come lifting up my Sister who is weary and worn. Lord, You know what she’s enduring at this particular time in her life and she seeks for justice to prevail. Lord, You know the heart of man and the reason that he does what he does and why he does it. We are calling on the name of Jehovah Tsdkenu, Our righteous God. We come petitioning Your fairness from this secular justice system. We know that you can move mountains and pave roads, just like you did for the children of Israel in the parting of the Red sea. Lord we come asking for you to open doors of provision to allow our sister to regain custody of her children. Where ever there is lack Lord, replace it with abundance, where ever there is doubt Lord, replace it with trust and reassurance, where ever there is injustice Lord, replace it with justice, where ever there is fear Lord God, replace it confidence, where ever there is weariness Lord, replace it with strength, where ever, and when ever there is a troubled heart Father, please replace it with joy, where ever there is a hurt, replace it with healing, and where ever there is hopelessness, Father God please in the name of Jesus replace it with hope…a hope in You. Lord we are asking it all in the name of Jesus and for His sake, Amen!

  13. Please pray for the love of my life Clemith Jackson…He was diagnosed with rectum cancer a month ago ..We are asking for A complete Healing in the name of Jesus and that this cancer will be sent into the dark sea to never return…That the chemo and radiation will shrink the mass and that the operation will be a complete success and everything will be working as normal….To God be the Glory!!!!! Amen

    • My sister, healing is absolutely the will of God for our lives. I am in agreement with you that your loved one will be completely healed. Father, I come in agreement with my sister, believing that the according to your word that if any two of us agree on earth concerning anything that we ask it shall be done for us by the Father in Heaven. Now Father, in the name of Jesus, I set myself in agreement with my sister that her love one will be healed. Father we are making our request known and now we will stand still and watch you do as you have promised. Healing is the children’s bread. Jesus has made us well and we thank you for it now. Thank you Father that the testimony will go out and all who hear it will know that our God is a healer! We praise you in advance for what you are going to do in this situation. I ask you know to speak peace to this brother and sister’s hearts. give them the peace that passes understanding as you work in this brother’s body. We give you the praise for it now in Jesus’ name!

    • Dear Sister… Be encouraged in the Lord. He promised in His word that He would not put on us more than we could bear, and He is not a man that He should lie. Hold on to that promise, that whatever comes our way, He is there to lift us up in His power and strength. I too, stand in agreement with you tonight in making a request to the Chief Physician for a miraculous healing. “Father God, it’s in the mighty name of Jesus I come tonight in agreement with my sister as she made her request known to you for healing of rectal cancer. Father God, you are our Jehovah Rapha, The Lord who Heals. Jehovah Rapha I ask that you touch our brother’s body, right now in the Mighty name of Jesus, and remove any cancerous cells that is present. Father, you’ve shown us in your word, that there is nothing too hard for you, if we would but just ask and believe. And we stand in agreement tonight that You and do just what you said you would do. So Father God, we pray that if is so be Your will, that you grant a healing, Father God, just like you granted additional years for Hezekiah when he cried unto you Lord. We cry out to you tonight in prayer for your Divine will to be done in the live of our brother that is petitioning healing. You are the same God for our brother as you were for Hezekiah with the same healing power. We ask that you grant comfort and strength to his support system Lord God, that when he gets weak, Lord God, along with You they can be his strength. We thank you and we love you Lord and we give all the honor and glory to you! We ask it all things in the mighty name of Jesus… Amen!” Continue to hold on to God’s unchanging hand my dear sister and seek God’s strength one day at a time. God Bless you.

  14. I need prayer for direction. I filed for divorce and I’m not sure if that’s the way I should go. I haven’t talked to my husband in awhile. I want Gods will to be done, but I need his peace on the way I should take. I continue to pray and I don’t hear nothing. I really need to hear from him.

    • Father, speak to my sister’s heart now in the name of Jesus. You came Lord Jesus to bring us peace. You said in Your word, “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” Give my sister peace in the midst of this storm Father so that she may hear Your voice and follow Your voice only. Your promise is that we will hear You whisper to us, “this is the way, walk in it.” Show my sister they way that she is to walk so that her family will all see that You are God and You hear us when we pray and You answer us. We thank You for allowing my sister to hear You, for guiding her and directing her in the way that she should go! We believe You to be God in this situation and whatever You do it will be well!! We thank You and we praise You in Jesus’ name. Amen!

      • I join you tonight dear sister. The decision of getting a divorce is truly a hard decision to make on our own and a decision that should not be made on our own, so you’ve taken the most important step in your decision, consulting God for direction. So I stand with you tonight in prayer… “Lord God, I come thanking you for your love, mercy and Your grace. For being our Prince of Peace, our God of righteousness, our Jehovah Tsidkenu. I come to you tonight in agreement with my sister seeking your guidance in this major decision. Lord, a decision that must be pleasing to you. Lord God you know the circumstances and the situations that is going on in the union. Only you know what’s down the road in our lives and only you know who should be a part of the next chapter of our lives, who should remain and who should depart. I pray Lord God that my sister not act out of emotions but she truly wait until she hears from You as You guide her in this decision, simply because marriages are ordain by You. Place guardian angels in the midst and let Your peace be found whenever conversations between the two must occur. Heal what is meant to be healed Lord God… Bless what is meant to be blessed. Father God I ask that You give my sister peace in the midst of this storm until it passes over. I pray these these things in the matchless and mighty name of Jesus, Amen.”

  15. Me and my family have had some obstacles thrown in our path over the last couple of Weeks but we have continued to pray and have faith that God will continue to se us through. The enemy seems to be trying to attack us at all angles so I would like to submit a prayer request that God continues to be with this family and protect us from the enemy because he is surely busy. Also my husband is dealing with a legally matter that has us weary we just want the situation over and done with and no longer a thorn in our lives it seems that for the past couple of weeks everything is testing our faith but in the midst of it all we are receiving numerous blessings and know that God is in full control!

    • My sister, God is faithful. I want to encourage you that satan can not do anything to your family and you, because I Savior and Lord defeated him. Colossians 2:15 declares that Jesus disarmed principalities and powers and made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them. God has destroyed the works of satan in our lives. Yes, we face things and difficult things come into our lives but we can rest knowing that greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world! Father I pray peace in my sister’s storm. I ask you to move in these situations Father and bring peace, bring resolutions to unresolved issues, bring restoration! I ask that you do as the prophet asked, open my sister’s eyes that she may see that them that are with her are more than those that are against her. I send forth ministering spirits to minister in those situations that have come to disturb the peace in this family. I ask Father that you give this family favor with God and man. Point them to the right person Father to bring resolution to these matters that are causing this family grief. Thank you Father for moving on this family’s behalf! I praise you in advance for what you are going to do even now Father. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen!

    • Sister Lakisha, reading your post brought this scripture to mind… “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:2-4 NIV I pray that you continue to hold fast to your faith and remember that Isaiah 54:17 tells us… “No weapon formed against us shall prosper…” “Father God I come in the name of Jesus acknowledging that you are El Roi, The strong one who sees. Father you are our protector and our defense. Lord God we come tonight asking that you will be the shield of protection, our defense to fight off the fiery darts the enemy is aiming towards Sister Lakisha and her family. Lord whatever obstacle they are facing at this time Lord God we pray in the name of Jesus that you will be with them to clear any hurdle that is trying to block them from going to the next level You have for their lives. Father God, the legal matters that is upon them Lord, You have that in Your hands also Lord God and I pray Your favor on the outcome Lord, that You let Your mercy and grace prevail, but above all Lord God, let thine will be done. We pray dear God that this family continue to hold firm in their faith in You knowing that all things will work together for good to them that love God to them who are the called according to Your purpose. We pray this all in the matchless name of Jesus…Amen” Continue to be steadfast in your faith Sister…God Bless you and your family.

  16. Please lift me and my family up in prayer. We have seem to be struggling financial and need the addition prayers for GOD blessing. I am truly blessed each day but I need the addition blessing to help me achieve and go in the direction GOD want my family to go in.

    • Father, you are Jehovah Jireh, God our provider, I speak provision now on behalf of my sister and her family. Jesus, you said that if we ask anything in your name that the Father in Heaven would do it. I ask now in the name of Jesus that provision comes to this family. I ask now in the name of Jesus, that financial needs be met, I ask now in the name of Jesus that favor is pour out on this family. I ask now in the name of Jesus that there be no lack in this family and tha every need, spiritual, phsyical and financial will be met in Jesus Christ our Lord! Amen

    • Dear Sister, It’s easy for people to say hold on, things will get better, and I can sympathize with your prayer request. But God had to remind me of this very same thing. When the enemy attacked my finances God reminded me, that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and that I am His child and that He will not withhold any good thing from me. Hold fast to God’s hand and let Him have this one… “Right now in the name of Jesus I come tonight Lord God asking you to show favor on my sister as she looks at her checkbook and then she looks at her bills. Lord God you are the Master mathematician. You Lord God took nothing and created a whole world. Lord if you can feed the multitude with two fish and five barley loaves of bread and even have left overs, Lord, I know you can handle our financial shortages. Lord God I pray that you give our sister peace in the midst of this trial. Your word told us of how You clothed the lily of the field and how You fed the sparrow, so let us be reminded of how much more You love us and that You can and will provide for us. Lord I pray that my sister have a peace that surpasses all understanding as you work this out for her in the name of Jesus I pray…Amen” God Bless you Sister.

  17. Please pray for my family that we grow cloer together. I wish I know what broke it so part, I tried to do be cautios.When they were at home as children, everthing were find. Now it is one who is hard to please have his own family an now don’t want his family to socialize or communicate with me. I don’t know what to do.

    • Father, I pray peace in this family. I pray for reconciliation in this family. Father I ask in Jesus’ name that you remind the members of this family of the love that they once shared. Remind them of the joy that they shared. Father every hurt and emotional wound that may be bringing division I pray that you will heal these now in Jesus’ name. Let your Daughter rest in the knowledge that You are for her and Your favor her. Give her peace and rest as she waits on you Father. As you restore and heal this family Father, we will be so careful to give your name the praise! In Jesus’ name, amen

    • Dear Sister, God knows exactly what you are enduring with this situation and He knows the hurt that you are experiencing. I stand with you in prayer for reconciliation of your family. “Father God in the name of the One who sits high and looks low. The One True God that knows the hearts and minds of man. Lord God I come on behalf of my dear sister seeking reconciliation of her family. Lord God I pray that the You open the doors of communication Father God that is enveloped in Your Peace. Lord I ask that you mend this family and I also ask that you would remove anything that will hinder mending from taking place. You Lord God are not the author of confusion, so Father God I ask wherever there is misunderstanding, please Lord God open up minds and hearts to allow healing. I pray that your love, mercy and grace reign upon this relationship and renew a genuine love amongst this family. In the name of Jesus I pray…Amen” Don’t give up on God dear Sister, ALL things are possible with God. God bless you!

  18. Will you please pray for the State of Oklahoma? This past week has been a tragedy for those who lost loved ones and houses in the wake of the tornadoes. I just ask that you say a special prayer for them please! Thank you and God Bless!

    • Erikia, when tragedies like tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters hit, we realize just how vulnerable we are. Our hearts truly do go out to all the victims in Moore OK during this trying time. Father God, in the name of Jehovah-Shammah…The Lord who is present, we come acknowledging your awesome power. Father God, we are aware that You know the outcome before the beginning, so we would just like to say thank you for what you are working out. Lord we come tonight on behalf of all those who have lost loved ones and homes and personal possessions. We would like to ask Dear God that you console hurting hearts and ease troubled minds. We ask for speedy healing for those suffering from injuries. Lord God we are even praying for the ones who refuse to acknowledge You for sparing their lives. Lord God, we ask that You reveal to them, that what they have endured and were spared from could not have taken place without your hands of protection covering them. We pray Lord that Your grace and mercy will reign over the city and they will recover from this mighty act better than before and we ask that it be done the way You best see fit for it to be done. We ask it all in the Name of Jesus and for His sake…Amen!


    • We prayed a corporate prayer for your sons, your husband and you my sister. We are standing in faith, in Jesus name for a breakthrough. In love…! Be blessed my sister.

    • Father I am praying in agreement with my sister that you will bring healing and wholeness to this family. I pray that you will work in this father’s heart and let him see how much his children need and desire him in their lives. I ask Father that you would put laborers in his path, men of God who will minister to him and be true witnesses for you so that this father will be reconciled to his children and they can have a true and loving relationship. Father I ask this in Jesus’ name and count it done as your word has promised. Thank you Jesus!

    • My Sister, speaking from a mother’s heart I feel your burden, but know that God has His eyes on this situation, your son as well as your grandchildren. I stand in agreement with you tonight praying that God will open the eyes of your son and show him just what the scripture says in Psalm 127:3…”Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him” Father God, in the Mighty name of Jesus we come tonight thanking you for who You are. Lord we thank you for being a God of mercy and grace. Lord God, I come on behalf of my sister asking that you would prick the heart of her son Lord, making him aware of the blessings that you have placed in his life in the form of his children. I ask Lord that You will give him the mind to be a Godly example for his children to follow. Lord I ask that you would remove the scales from his eyes that he may see the need of God-fearing fathers to lead, guide and train their children in reverence, fear and admonishing of the Lord, and he is the one responsible for this training. Father God, just as his mother has recognized, may he also recognized, time is running out and there is no time like the present to set his house in order according to your purpose for his live. Father God, I ask right now, wherever he is, whatever he is doing, call him out right now Lord. Let him not rest until he hears and obey Your calling. In the mighty name of Jesus we ask it and receive it… Amen! Be encouraged mother, stay prayerful, and keep trusting God…He’ll work it out! God Bless you!

      • Sister, may I apologize? I read your prayer request incorrect. So now, may I lift you, your son, and your son’s father up to the Lord. Father God in the name of Jesus I come praising you for another opportunity to come before your presence. I thank you Lord for being The Great I AM, Lord God letting us know that you are whatever we need. Lord I lift up my sister as she petition for You to prick the heart of her son’s father. Lord God, I ask that you would touch him wherever he may be physically, mentally and spiritually. Father, I ask that you would move in his life that he will be made aware that life is empty without you and that he has a charge over him to be a Godly example before his children. I pray Lord that he will seek you for the directions of being the Father that his children need. I pray for his children that they may seek comfort in you when experiencing disappointments from the dad. I ask Lord that you would surround them with godly role models until dad has accepted the responsibility that has been placed in his life which is being an example for his children. I pray Father for the mother who is seeking you on behalf of the father and the children. I pray her strength in you Lord God as she continues to pray for your presence in the life of the children as well as their father. We ask all these things in the mighty name of Jesus and for His sake… Amen! God bless you dear sister, and keep lifting the dad up with an unselfish heart as you have so displayed by requesting prayer for this brother’s life to be made right by God for his children.

  20. Im requesting prayer for me nd my children.On xmas eve I recived a certified letter Sayn I hve lost everything due to paper work error.I prayed nd prayed cried nd prayed more but n the end im homeless recovering from car accident nd hve lost faith im bitter nd cant pray anymore plse pray that strength. sustain me nd my 4 children. And to. plse provide a safer place for us. I. Cnt understand were im at or how I’ve gotten so low with no one to sapport us…I just want to stop being.

    • Sister, be encouraged, fiant not…we prayed for you tonight 5-22-2013. We prayed that the bitterness will be removed, your faith renewed and that you will know that our father will never leave or forsake you. Sister, hold on! Change is coming….In Jesus name! In Jesus name!

      • Thank you…I believe it and I claim it in the mighty name of Jesus.. my daughter has strayed away im praying that the struggle hasn’t changed her for the worse shes only 16 plse pray for me nd my family…amen

    • God of all comfort, Father of all mercies, I lift up my sister to you now… I ask you to move in this situation right now! Father your word declares that “the eyes of the Lord roam to and fro in the earth seeking someone to show himself mighty on their behalf” Now Father, I ask you in Jesus name to show yourself mighty on this families behalf. I pray Father that you will open doors now! I declare Father that she is your child and the word of God says, “I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed beg for bread” therefore, you will be her provision. Father move quickly on my sister’s behalf…bring provision now, I ask in Jesus’ name. Father I ask you to reach into your daughter’s heart and bring up this root of bitterness that is trying to take hold in her heart. Let her feel your love, let her feel your peace, Father. Father send your angels to encamp around about your daughter and her children and keep them safe. I pray Psalms 91 over your daughter and her family and believe that you will keep her and sustain her. I believe You are Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides, I know you to be Jehovah Shalom, the God who is our peace. Be Jehovah Jireh for my sister, be Jehovah Shalom for my sister. Father I thank you for it now and count it done in Jesus’ name.

    • Sometimes in life, we come to the point of where we do question, “God where are you?” We have tried all we know to try, we go to all we know or feel we can go to, we pray until we’ve run out of words to pray…we’ve hit rock bottom. I heard a very dear pastor say about a week or so ago…”When you feel that you’ve hit rock bottom, guess what???…God is the Rock at the bottom” May I encourage you, now that you know that God is the Rock at the bottom, there is no where to go but up! Father God, El Elyon, our God … the Most High God, we come to you tonight thanking you Lord for being our Lord and for loving us enough to send Your Son to pay for our sin debt. Lord God I stand tonight on behalf of my dear sister, YOUR child Father, who has cried out to You for Your mercy…YOUR child who feels that she can’t go on…YOUR child who feels that all hope is gone…YOUR child who feels that she has been forgotten. Lord God I ask right now in the name of Jesus in the might of Jehovah Shalom, our God of Peace, that you will comfort her right now. I ask Lord that You would remove the bitterness from her heart so she may know that you see and understand her pain, but that she can still count on you to bring her out… not only bring her out, but bring her out on top! God I ask that you would touch her situation of homelessness and touch her heart that she will be reminded that you are with her even at her lowest. You are the One who will carry her and her children, until her greater has come. Lord God make her aware that man makes mistakes, but You Lord, can take man’s mistakes, turn it around giving her even more than what she lost. Father God remind her that your word tells us in Romans 8:28, “All things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose” Father God I trust that you will hear our petition of relief for this sister according to your Divine plan. It’s in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!. We all get a little weak sometimes sister, and that’s okay! That just allows us to see just how strong, mighty and faithful our God is. Be blessed and hold on!

  21. Please keep me and my husband in prayer. I am believing for my husband’s deliverance and his salvation. This battle has really taken a toll on me, but I’m not out !! Glory to God. I’m standing on the WORD OF GOD . please stand with me, Thank you

    • Beloved sister….it was done! We prayed in Jesus name! We are SO looking forward to your return with your words of praise. WE BELIEVE THAT! In Jesus name!

    • Father I believe that it is your desire that no one should perish but that all should be saved. I pray that you will put laborers in this brother’s path, men and women of God who will share your gospel with him and show him the Living Christ. Break up the ground of his heart father so that as your servants sow the word of God into his heart it will find good ground and produce fruit in his life. I ask Father that you break his heart for you, bring him to Your Son Father so that he will be saved. And as you do this Father, I ask you to make him a mighty witness for you so that he will be able to declare that “this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes!” Father as you do these things we will be careful to give your name the praise, as we ask this in Jesus’ name!

  22. 1Cor 7:14 shares with us that “For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife…”KJV My prayers are with you as you fight the good fight of seeking salvation for your husband, standing in the gap and interceding on his behalf. Father God, in the name of Jesus we come tonight giving honor and praise to your name, for it is in You and You alone that we are saved and free from condemnation. We come thanking you Father that the veil in the temple was torn and we can come boldly before Your Throne and bring forth our petitions. Father I come in partnership with my sister as she has made here request known that she is in a battle seeking salvation for her husband. Lord God I ask that you will continue to give her the strength to stand in the gap, until the gap is filled with her husband. Father God I ask that as she continues to pray for her husband that you prepare his heart to receive a word from on high, that he may know that it is only in the name of Jesus that men can be saved. Father God, let him realize that living without You in his life is an empty life, he is just mocking time, but with you he will be marching to a different beat and toward a glorious eternal goal. Father God work on his heart to receive you. Lord, let your word not fall on deaf ears. May he hear the call from You on his life, to seek and serve You. In the name of Jesus we pray…Amen! Continue your good fight my dear sister… God bless you!


    • Dear Sister…

      One of the promises made about Jesus that we find in the book of Isaiah is that He would be our comforter

      “To console those who mourn in Zion, To give them beauty for ashes, The oil of joy for mourning, The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; That they may be called trees of righteousness, The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.”(Isaiah 61:2-4). Jesus fulfilled this promise during His earthly ministry. Father, I pray for this family now in the name of Jesus. I ask that You will console them as they morn Father, that you would give them the oil of joy for their mourning. Father I pray that You will let them feel You as You comfort them. Give them peace in the midst of this storm I pray in the name of Jesus. I pray Father that you will bring swift justice for their loved one who was shot. Father I pray that you will bring conviction to the heart of the shooter so that he/she will repent and come to know Your Son as their Savior and Lord as well because it is Your desire that none should perish Father, but that all will repent and be saved. Cover this families heart Father so that no root of bitterness will take hold. Father as difficult as it is, let them be quick to forgive so that You can minister healing, peace and joy to their spirits. We thank you Father for answering our prayer in behalf of this family and we count it done in Jesus’ name! Amen.
      Be encouraged sister…God loves you and He is with you!


    • My prayers are with you Dear Sister… I pray God’s comfort for you and your family during this hour of bereavement. God sees you and He knows what you are all are going through. Cast all your cares, your concerns, your grief, your pain and your sorrow upon the Lord, for He cares for you. “Father God in the Name of your only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ the Messiah, I lift up your name in exhortation. I praise you God, because you are God and you are God alone. Father I come before on behalf of our dear sister and her family as they mourn during this dark period in their lives. I ask Dear God the you would comfort the ache in their hearts and fill the void in their lives with Your presence. Lord You never promised us that this life would not come without difficulties and heartaches, but You did promise us that You would be there to sustain us as we go through. So Lord God I ask that you be with this family as they must go through this period. Father, Your word assures us in Ps 30:5 Weeping may endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning. I ask Father that you will wrap Your loving arms around them and continue to relieve them of their sorrow. In the name of Jesus I pray…Amen.” Continue to hold to God’s unchanging hand Sister, for God is our strength in our time of weakness. God bless you and your family.

    • Sister Veronica, healing was a major part of Jesus’ earthly ministry…”35 Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.” Matthew 9:35. Jesus wants you healed!
      Father, I pray now in the name of Jesus that you will touch sister Veronica and heal her right now. Father, we know that healing is our portion, it is for us and the word of God declares that we who follow Jesus would pray for the sick and they would recover. I pray now in Jesus’ name that You would minister healing in our sister’s body that she we be able to testify to the healing power of our God! I pray now Father that you would open a door for this sister…the word declares that it is Your good pleasure to give us the Kingdom…we know that in Your Kingdom there is no lack and therefore we speak and call forth provision in this sister’s life we stand in agreement with her that You will provide the perfect job for her. We know that promotions come from you, jobs come from you, everything we need comes from you! So we declare the favor of God for sister Veronica in all things NOW! And we praise you in advance, knowing that it is done in Jesus’ name! Amen

    • Sister Veronica, sometimes when we go through hardships and sicknesses, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and alone. But I come to encourage you that God is a God who has promised never to leave us nor forsake us. Trust in the Lord and lean not to your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and let Him direct your path. Some things we will never understand why they happen, but God knows and He also knows how much you can handle…give it to Him. Cast your cares on the Lord for He cares for you. “Father God, Jehovah Jireh, our provider, I come to you tonight in the name of Jesus. Father I come acknowledging You for who you are, our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I come on behalf Sister Veronica Lord seeking Your provision of employment. Lord I pray that You would guide Sister Veronica to the place you have already prepared for her to employed. Father God, I ask that you show her favor during the interview and hiring process. Father, I ask that she will outshine the other applicants to the point the employer can’t help but to remember her. Lord God, in the name of Jehovah Rophe, our healer. I come asking that You will heal our sister of any infirmities that she may be suffering through. You are the Chief Physician Lord God. I praise you God for using mortal man to treat us for our conditions but Lord You are the One that possess the healing power. I pray Father God right now in the name of Jesus, that you would touch Sister Veronica’s body right Lord in the name of Jesus. Lord please exemplify your healing powers to the amazement of the physicians. And now Lord God I ask that you will reassure Sister Veronica that you have not forgotten her and then Lord God I ask that she will find rest in knowing that you have it out worked out for her. In the matchless name of Jesus I pray…Amen.” Rest in the Lord Sister Veronica,
      until the He is ready to manifest your blessings. God Bless you.

  24. I’m requesting prayer for my family. My husband is on dialysis and in need of a kidney soon. I’m asking for prayer for our children which we have two sons and college and a daughter in high school. I’m asking for prayer for myself to have strength to continue working and taking care of them. Thank you

    • Sister Brenda, healing was a major part of Jesus’ earthly ministry…”35 Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.” Matthew 9:35. Jesus wants your husband healed! Father, I pray now in the name of Jesus that you will touch this brother’s kidneys and heal him right now. Father, we know that healing is our portion, it is for us and the word of God declares that we who follow Jesus would pray for the sick and they would recover. I pray now in Jesus’ name that You would minister healing in our brother’s body that he we be able to testify to the healing power of our God! I pray now Father that you would bless this family…bless these children Father, cause them to have favor with God and with man. Father we know that you are the God who calls those things that be not as though they were…You can still say “Let there be” and it will be done. Father bring provisions, supernatural provisions for this family. I pray a hedge of protection around these children Father that they would walk in the way of the upright and be blessed! I pray that they would be young men and women of valor and that they will do exploits in the name of our God!Bless Father and honor the prayers of this Proverbs 31 woman, because her care and her concern are for her house and let her husband and children rise up and call her blessed! Father we praise you for all that you are going to do for this family, we believe it to be done in Jesus’ name! Amen


    • Sister Donna, Isaiah 61 makes this promise about Jesus,
      ” 3 To console those who mourn in Zion, To give them beauty for ashes, The oil of joy for mourning, The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; That they may be called trees of righteousness, The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.” My prayer is that right now in the name of Jesus, the Father will give you peace concerning your son. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to trust someone with our children, even the Father (and we know that He only has good plans for them) as mothers, we feel that we must be the ones to protect and shelter our children and that is why we become so burdened when things go wrong in their lives, because we are trying to protect them and cover them but what we must do is place them in the hands of the Father who loves them even more than we do. Jesus is going to console you and He is going to minister peace to you my sister, I believe that right now, Jesus is going to give you a garment of praise to replace this spirit of heaviness that you are carrying concerning your son, and I pray that the Father will send His angels to encamp about your son, to keep him in his going out and his coming in. I pray and ask Father that You set laborers in this young man’s path, men and women of God who will speak the word of life into his heart that he will come to you and be saved and that he will become a witness in these last days and win his generation for Christ! Father I pray that you will minister to my sister’s heart! Take out any root of bitterness that may be trying to take hold in her heart. Father, remind my sister that Jesus encouraged us with these words, “19 If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. 20 Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also. 21 But all these things they will do to you for My name’s sake, because they do not know Him who sent Me.” (John 15:19-21) Father, give your daughter peace now, and keep her with a forgiving heart and a loving heart in Jesus name I pray, Amen. Now you dear sister, begin to praise God in advance for answering your prayers!

  26. Last week my sister went in for a simple procedure and during the procedure she suffered a heart attack. This left her in a coma,and now they have sent her to a hospice. She has severe brain and all major organs are damage. I know that God is in control,but I just buried a sister last month and I am still hurting. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you.

    • My sister, in the scripture, God asked Abraham, “Is there anything too hard for God?” I encourage you with these words tonight my sister. God is able to do all things, all that He asks of us is that we believe that He is able to do anything. Father I pray that You will minister peace to Your daughter’s heart right now. Let her feel your comfort and love Father. Give her comfort Father to know that You see her heart concerning her sister, and that you love her. Father, there are somethings that come in our lives that we don’t know how to pray or what to pray, but what we do know and what we can rest in Father is that You know the thoughts that You have toward us, so Father I ask that you minister healing to the sister that is in the hospital and that you minister peace to your daughter as she stands in the gap for her sister. Father, we want to see you do a great and a mighty work in this. We want the doctors to be confounded at the wonder working power of our God, yet even so Father, we pray not our will but Yours be done in Jesus name we pray, Amen! Be encouraged my sister, God is on the throne! He loves you and He is with you!


    • Zenya, having read your prayer request, I can see that you already know that this is not the man that God has for you. Sweetie, the Holy Spirit has shown you the truth about this man and the word of God declares that “you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” This truth that you know, that this man does not walk with God, that he follows the influence of the world and that he is living a lie; should make you free. The Holy Spirit has given you everything you need to walk away. It is not your job to save this man, Jesus died for him just as He died for you and it is the job of the Holy Spirit to convict his heart so that he will repent and come to know Jesus in truth. Your job is to let him see Christ in you and the only way you can do that is to walk in truth yourself. You need to allow the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to walk away from something and someone that is clearly not God’s will for your life. Fornication is a difficult sin to walk away from because our flesh finds pleasure in it. If it was something horrible, and disgusting to us, we wouldn’t have trouble walking away. The bible is clear, God made sexual relationships for the purpose of procreation (building and maintaining the human race) and that is meant to be in the context of marriage. Once Jesus died for our sins, He purchased us with His blood, therefore the scripture says that we are not our own, but were bought with a price…the blood of Jesus Christ. The scripture also tells us that when we have sex outside of marriaige, that we make Christ a part of that sin. If this man loves you, he would not want you to do anything that would cause you to sin and that would hinder your walk with God. You need to repent for your part in the sin of fornication, and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you in that place in your heart that causes you to be willing to accept something that is not God’s will for your life. You are the daughter of the Most High God, a beautiful vessel of the living God and you deserve His very best! Father, I pray for Zenya that You would give her the courage and confidence in you to walk away from that which does not please You and that is not Your will for her life. I pray Father that You will let the truth of Jeremiah 29:11 come alive in her heart right now “11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Father grant Zenya hope in You right now. And Father I do pray in agreement with her that You would convict this young man’s heart that he will cry out to You and be saved, for we know that it is Your desire that none should perish but that all would repent and be saved. I ask that You give Zenya peace in knowing that it is not her job to save this man, but that it is the work of the Holy Spirit to convict his heart, and it is her job to live holy so that He might see Christ in her and desire to be saved. Father I know that You hear me when I pray, and this is the confidence that I have, that if You hear me, I will have the petition that I ask. Therefore, as I intercede for this Your daughter, I am confident that You will answer, so I praise You in advance for what You are going to do, in Jesus Name, Amen.

    • Sister Zenya, I know the position you are in is not an easy thing to go through. I have experienced a similar situation and it IS hard to walk away from what you think is your ‘soul-mate.’ My intent is not to brow beat you with the Word of God. It is not my intent to put you down for loving and desiring to be a part of someone’s life who first need to learn how to love himself enough to seek eternal salvation. Neither is it my intent to belittle the 2nd love of your life. I desire that he WOULD come to know God for himself and strive to live a life that is pleasing to Almighty God.
      Dear Sister, because you are my sister, and more importantly the daughter of Abba Father, I desire to see you free from the shackles that have you bound. My intent is for you to see what you are sacrificing,… your personal relationship with Christ.
      I know that you speak from the standpoint of being a born again believer, so I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know. I just want to share with you again so you can weigh you options. In the gospel of John chpt 8 where Jesus was giving the validity of who He is, we are reminded of our freedom, not freedom to do what we want, but freedom to follow Him … vss 34-36 (NIV) ‘Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” ‘ God paid the price with the very life of His only begotten Son, who loves us so much that he was willing come down from heaven, take on the flesh of man, and be crucified.
      God paid an immeasurable price to redeem us from our sins, to break the shackles that hold us in bondage. And since we are bought at such an immeasurable price, God wants to be glorified in our bodies by taking good care of ourselves and abstaining from immorality and glorified in our spirit by delighting in Him above all else. Sister Zenya, as we go before the throne of God, know that you are precious to the Father and all He wants is the best for us. “Father God, Jehovah Tsidkenu, our God of Righteousness, we come in the name of the One who said ‘and I, if I be lifted up from the earth will draw ALL men unto me’. Father, it is in the name of Jesus we come glorifying and honoring Your awesomeness. It is you Father God, who is God and God alone, and beside you there is none other. Father, tonight we come lifting up our sister, who is torn by love. Father, I pray that you open her eyes to see that You desire the best for her life. Father God I pray that she will be made aware that it is okay to love this man, but she must love herself more, and seek to strengthen her relationship with YOU all the more. Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray that You will provide her with the insight to see the future if she decides to pursue and relationship that is unequally yoked. Father, I ask that you remind Sister Zenya, that Your word tells her to delight herself in You and You will give her the desires of her heart. Lord sometimes we are so intent on what we want that we have forgotten all about pleasing You, which should be our main objective. I pray Father that Sister Zenya would return to her 1st love, You. Prick her heart Lord and remind her that You are the same God that she fell in love with when she allowed you to come into her heart. Father let her know that You do have a plan for her life, but Your plan is delayed if she interferes and continue to work her plan. I pray Father God that she will step back and allow You to move every obstacle out of her way and let Your plan be manifested in her life. Give her peace to know that everything will work out for her good if she turns this ‘relationship’ over to You. In the mighty name of Jesus, I count it done…Amen!” Sister Zenya, draw closer to God and let Him draw closer to you and let Him work this out. He will give you just what you need and what you are seeking. Be blessed dear Sister.

  28. Sis Brenda, in the Word of God in Matt 18, Jesus Christ shared that where there are two or three touching and agreeing on any thing that He would be in the midst. I come touching, agreeing and believing with you that God will hear our petition and make provisions for your husband a new kidney. “Father God, Jehovah Jireh our Sovereign Provider, we come in the name of the living Jesus, giving you all the honor, glory and praise to whom all honor glory and praise is due. Father we come tonight, touching and agreeing for your provisions Lord. You have equipped the physicians with the knowledge to perform the transplants Lord, but you are the one who provides the means. We know Lord that you are an on time God and whatever is to happen will happen in your timing. Father right now I pray that You line up our will with Your will in each and every facet of what Sis Brenda is going through right now. I pray for the children that has graced this family Lord with their presence. Praying Lord that you will guide them on the paths that You have laid out for them, the paths that will lead them down life’s journey to success. As decision has to be made on this journey to adulthood Father, I pray that they would be to glorify you, for this is Your will concerning them that it works out in their favor. Father, since we are not perfect, and mistakes will be made, I pray that they will feel Your loving presence, as you show them how to get back on course. Father God I pray for Sis. Brenda as she has filled the shoes of the intercessory prayer warrior for her family. Father God I pray Your strength for her to endure. Lord when she begins to feel like the weight of the world is on her shoulders, I ask that You show her that you are her strength when she is weak and worn. Show her Lord that she can count on You to lift her up in the power of Your might, for Lord You know just how much she can bear. Father God I ask that You will honor her request as she seeks to please You in every situation and challenge that she faces. We are claiming the victory in the Mighty name of Jesus the Christ, and for His sake I pray… Amen!” Sister Brenda trust that God has the final outcome to every thing that we go through. It is all in His hands… allow Him to work it out for you. Be Bless

  29. Please pray for me and my family. My 2 children, my boyfriend and I moved in with my mother when I lost my job. I had my 2nd child and what was supposed to be just a year turned into 3 years due to her falling ill. Her condition is stable now, but my boyfriend of 5 years left me. He hadn’t been able to find a job so I took care of us. I worked. My grandfather gave him a truck and some lawn equipment to help him make money and to help us with transportation. He left me in April and has not helped since. He has 3 other kids that I took care of but has done nothing for ours. I have cried everyday since he’s left non stop. I’ve apologized and begged for his forgiveness for something I don’t know that I’ve done. I just want my family back. I’ve prayed that God heals him for whatever it is that he’s going thru. I pray that God heals our wounds and we can become the family we once were. I’m tired of crying, tired of the panic attacks and the pain. I pray whatever God’s plan is for my mom that she feels no pain. I just want my family back.

  30. I would like to ask you to pray for healing in the name of Jesus for Bradley, Nicole, Ulice & Eunice Orr, April, Michelle, Margaret, and Thelma. I ask for comfort, peace, love, and guidance for the Williams family as they console love one as he is slowly fading away. Lord let them remember the good memories of Jesse. I ask for prayer for Mickle, Kevin, and Jamon lord guide them in the right direction keep them safe and out of mischief and away from the temptation and trouble away from them. Lord give them courage, strength,wisdom, a job, positive thoughts, belief that all things are possible through you Lord. Also Lord I ask that you send jobs for JoAnn, Jamika and myself lord can you bless me with the job that you will have for me with kind loving people, a job that I can grow in that will fit both degrees, with encouragement, advancement, and that will allow time for you Lord, my husband, church, college, and rest. Lord I ask that you keep each and everyone in my life safe from all hurt, harm and danger lord put a shield of protection around them. Lord bless, and heal each and every soul in the world, the prisoners, those in hospital, army, nursing homes, homeless, hungry, battered, jobless. Bless the President of this nation and his family Lord keep a shield of protection around them. Lord build up him keep him strong and guide him in the right direction fulfill him with the wisdom, knowledge, and right things to do and say to lead this nation right. Amen

  31. I am asking for prayer for myself and family, while i am going thru these difficult times and struggles, to bless me to get back on my feet, the saying goes when one door closes he opens another(: i just pray its soon.

  32. Please pray for my husband who has been looking for work for almost 3 years now. He has applied for countless positions and often gets called back for a second interview but we need God to have him be offered a full time positions.

    Also, please pray for our son, an Iraq war veteran. That he would find the courage to go against the “popular” crowd and be his own man. Please pray that he would hear and obey the Holy Spirit in choosing who he befriends, who he associates with and the places he goes. Mostly, please pray that God would bless him with good, godly upright friendships. Young men and women who are living for God, who can show him that young people can have fun and enjoy their life in a righteous way. He’d also like to meet a nice girl and settle down.

    Many thanks!


  34. Hello my name is Shantae Perry…im asking that u pray for me and my process as i battle the unseen and all thats been plotted against marraige..and my well being….
    Ive been giving God my highest praise and although i am a believer in Christ…im having a hard time fighting my way through..soon to be homeless yet again do to my total submission to my husband and soin to be ex husband per his request…
    I havent worked in years… and i suffer from depression which my husband has refused to support my request for counseling yet aling meedical attention…
    I feel very intemidated and lost at this time….
    Ive reached out to several people in my church but because of a no gossip policy its hard to get someone to assist me down tgis opened for prayer off line..please pray for me…as i pray for you all…

  35. I am in prayer needs of our Father of financial breakthrough! I lost everything, home, and automobile a few years ago after i worked on a job for about twenty years and got injured. Now starting over after being a single mother reared my two son’s, it’s been hard. They’re grown men now. But i can’t seem to get it together. I’ve always worked. I have remarried, my husband has a drinking problem, alcohol addicted. I have been substitute teaching, and attending a Real Estate school, but it’s been so hard, because my husband is in default with the IRS, and he just recently paid his last child support payment. He’s in bankruptcy. So, money is tight. I pray and i do believe in my father in heaven! I am standing on the words of my Lord. I just need a little touch from Christ. On my life and my children’s lives. Actually my family! I want my own business. And my son’s does also, want a family business. We need generation’s from now on to be blessed with health, wealth, wisdom, favor, and all generation curse’s broken an never come back to touch us on this side of earth. Also, prayers for enemies, any one believing in any voo doo, witch craft, black magic, or any evil spirits. Jealousy, envy, and strife will never touch my life, my husband life, or my children’s lives, grand children lives. In Jesus Holy Name I Pray! Amen!

  36. I would like to pray for unity in the Body of Christ. I pray that where the Lord leads us to possess the land we do just that and that we don’t conform to the world. I pray that we will be the lights that the Lord is calling us to be so that those that don’t know Him can see what He is able to do. I pray that our lives will begin to speak for the Lord.

  37. God is so awesome! I am convinced that God can do anything! The Lord has revealed His purpose in my life and I’m truly blessed. However, as I seek Him more and more it seems the enemy is fiercely trying to attack my mind and family relationships. I have been praying for restoration of a relationship; as I wait expectantly for the manifestation The Lord is directing me to pray for others in my life. As I pray for the them, the enemy keeps trying to distract me with thoughts that since manifestation has not come regarding my prayer request what makes me think The Lord will honor my request for others. Please pray that I stay strong in The Lord and that my mind is shielded from the attacks of the enemy as I continue to follow the direction of The Lord by reading Psalm 37, 27 and 91.

    Thank you in advance for you prayers!

  38. Please pray for me and my whole family. I have a spirit of depression hovering over me and I need all prayer warriors to help me fight this demon spirit. I’m asking in thame of Jesus! I know that JESUS is a heart fixer, mind regulator..if HE delivered me from the drug demon HE WILL deliver…on time!! Thank you in advance for your prayers.


  40. I need prayer for a smooth transition from an u healthy relationship to being on my own. I have been with someone for 19 yrs & he’s never tired to marry me. There has been physical, emotional, & mental abuse. I lost myself within this relationship & now I want to give my life to God. I just need him to let me go & let me move on with my life. Trying to get back on the right path.

  41. Asking for prayer fir Claire Campbell. She’s in hospice and she is ready to go home. Please pray for a painless and peaceful transition. As well as for her family and friends yo be able to handle what is going to happen

  42. Please pray for Claire Campbell. She is in Hospice and has days to live. She is ready to go home. Praying for a painless and peaceful transition. Also for her family and friends to be able to handle what is going to happen.

  43. I am a Songriter an I need prayer that Shirley Murdock will demo my Gospel songs for me because they are songs that will touch people help them and lead them to Christ I pray she will see this and God will touch her heart to contact me by email so we can get started on the songs I no it might be different from the other prayers that you receive but that is my prayer thanks

  44. I love this guy for 5years.I want to get married with him with my parents blessing.Pls let my parents to accept him and allow us to get married.Pls help me.mercy.

  45. Please pray for my friend Tracy L. Evans. His kidneys are trying to fail him please let his kidneys start back to work and he will not need to be on dialysis for long and he will not need a kidney transplant. Also for my daughter Torri Browning to get another job!!!

  46. My name is jenniferperry. I want u send a pray out to me and my children’s I have four boys single mom. Am in church but not full in there Am trust god that he will break ever chain the past Realayship strongholds. Strong mind peach happeness joy love.

  47. My 21 year old daughter is pregnant with twin boys, one of them has an issue with his bladder. My 84 year old mother, who suffered several strokes and has been bedridden for over 10 years, is suffering from several medical issues (infection in the blood, kidney and bladder failing, difficulty breathing) and the doctors have suggested we place her on hospice. We know that she would not want to be on machines but it is hard for us to think of her leaving us. Please keep us in pray. (Houston TX)

  48. I am asking for prayer. Right now the finances are in trouble. Business is slow and with that the bills are piling up but with no money to pay them. If no money comes in by Friday then our main bills will be cut off. Asking for prayer for favor and that God will open doors.

  49. My son needs God’s touch in his life. His actions and behavior are not pleasing. He goes to court at the end of the month and is facing two years in prison. He got into a fight with his girlfriends Mom and she said that he threatened her with a gun. He is 19 with a son and has anger issues with marijuana usage. He was raised in a saved household but has strayed far from his upbringing. He needs some help and God can turn the situation and his life around. We don’t speak so I just pray. He lives 1200 miles away.

    • Sister Diane, My heart goes out to you as you are waiting for God to move on this issue. As I read your prayer request, I began to feel the burden of a mother hurting for her child to be touched by the Lord and made into a willing vessel to be used by God. It’s a trying time for a mother to watch her child, no matter the age, find his way back onto the right path. But God knows, Sister Diane, because we are his children just what we need to go through to get our attention. On tonight, I am touching in the sense of having a like mind and heart and agreeing with you that God will deliver your son from the grip of the enemy. ‘Father God, it’s in the name of Jesus I come to you tonight on behalf of your daughter, praying that you will first give her the peace that only you can give a mother hurting for her child. I ask Father that you will give her your peace that surpasses all understanding of man. Now Lord, I ask that you will touch the son that is acting out in anger and frustration. Father God, touch his mind so that he can think about the consequences before he decides to act out. Remind him Father that the answers to every one of his troubles lies in You, that you can give him the understanding of how to handle his issues without acting out in anger. Father God I ask that you be the Strong Tower for this family as they endure the trial that is to take place. Whatever the outcome Father, I ask that Sister Diane’s son see You in it and will answer the call that you have for his life, transform him into a mighty man of God, and an effective witness of your saving power. In the matchless name of Jesus I pray, Amen.” Be encouraged Sister Diane, God is still on the throne, and He still has control of this too!

  50. I would like prayer for my dad and my family. My dad is in the hospital and he had a stroke and the doctor said it will be a while before he can talk again I pray that he can speak again and he can get up and walk cause he is very weak and can’t feed himself or take a bath. I just prey that he gets well and come home with us.

  51. I am requesting prayer for my family as well as the world. More than myself I ask that prayer be sent out to my little friend Amiah Corbertt she is sick and in the hospital.

  52. Prayer….
    I feel as though I have fallen so far from where I was in God, that I have completely lost my way and I don’t know how to find my way back. I miss that love and peace I used to feel in Christ, in spite of the difficulties I faced, I still felt peace. I so dearly want my relationship back with the Lord, but I don’t know where or how to start. I tried to pray, but that seems strange to me, it’s like I no longer know how to pray and talk to my God anymore. Please pray for total restoration for me and my family and a true and unshakable and unbreakable bond and walk in faith with my Lord, Jesus Christ.

    • Sister Yosheda, I read your prayer request a few days ago and wanted to encourage you at that time, but, I was perplexed because I really didn’t know how to encourage you to hold on and not give up…to continue to call on the Lord until your relationship with Him was back to where it need to be. I just couldn’t find the right words to say. My heart truly went out to you. You see, I sometimes go through the same thing…feeling so far away from God, just numb to the fact that I am suppose to be in a relationship with The Father. In order to have a relationship, it takes two. He’s there for me, doing His part, but I’m not doing my part. But thanks be to God, He shared with me, although I may feel far from Him, He is not far from me. He promised in His word that He would never leave us nor forsake us. I thank God that he knows what we need, exactly when we need it. All we have to do is call Him, and earnestly seek Him, He’s there for us. Be blessed sister and continue to seek God, don’t stop, just keep seeking Him…even when you can’t feel Him. “Father God, right now I call you Jehovah Shammah, Our Lord who is present. Jehovah Shammah, it is in the name of Jesus that we come thanking you for being our God who is only a prayer away. Thank you Father for Your tender mercy and Your loving kindness and for Your unconditional love. Tonight Father I ask that You restore the love that Sis Yosheda is longing for. I ask in the name of Jesus that You replace her emptiness with Your joy, for You told us in Your word that Your joy is our strength. Father I ask that You return her to the relationship that she once had with You. Whatever is keeping the relationship from being restored, Father, I ask that You will expose it so if it does return, it will be easier to identify and then once identified, I ask that You remove it out of Sis Yosheda’s path so that she may worship and serve You with her whole heart…so she may fall in love with You all over again. It is in the matchless name of Jesus I pray… Amen.” Sis Yosheda, keep seeking and praying, don’t give up on God because He will never give up on you.

  53. Please pray for me and my family that God will bless us with peace and harmony in our home, and that he will give us a spiritual, mental, physical and financial healing. Also I am asking for prayer for my cousin, MC who is in the Cleveland Clinic, seemingly in some type of coma. Doctors there can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with him., but I know that God knows and he is able to restore him to good health! Love you all to Life!

  54. I am asking for prayer for me and my family. Right now I am not working during the summer. I am behind on my car payment and my mortgage. But I know My God will provide. I am asking God to look over my house and keep us cover with your love and understanding. I know I am only going through a storm and God is at the end of the Storm. But I am getting tried of waiting for a blessing Lord. I know you can heal my son,who is sickliy and needs your touch also I know you can heal my Husband from COPD, ASThma, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Esphmsa, keratoconus eye disease. I know you will touch my other boys to do the right thing in life. I can’t work everyday, cause I have to take care of the house. I know I will served you Lord thru my storm. Amen

  55. Need prayer on my job. I’ve only been there 2 months and have been stressed out since after the 2nd week. My boss believes in the “tough love” method of learning because that’s how she had to learn her job. This job is a new industry for me and I am struggling really hard. She won’t provide the resources or training I need. It’s like I’m being set up to fail and not liked because of my skin color. I pray all day long but today was a breaking point and I almost had a panic attack and had to leave from all the stress.

  56. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage my husband of 32 years divorced me but I am believing that God will heal and restore us

  57. I ask for prayer for my family as we struggle with death and illness. I ask for strength and guidance with my struggles with my health and quitting smoking.

  58. praying for my children success in their education, especially my son this is his senior year and he needs to make a certain grade point average to graduate also for a financial blessing

  59. I am starting back to school on the 10th of this month,I have struggled so very hard since I went back to school.I am attending Ashford Univeristy,I am 53 years young in age.I have wanted to just give it up,But ,if I do ,then I would have given up on myself.So please pray that I may do my very best in the classes that I am about to take,Lord,please let me at least pass with a C.

    • My sister, there is a scripture in the Book of Daniel that is actually talking about the end times, but I believe that it applies in other areas of our lives. Daniel 11:32b says “the people who know their God shall be strong and carry our great exploits.” I believe that this applies to us now because if we know our God then we know that nothing is impossible to us if we believe. I am praying for you that God will give you all wisdom and skill in understanding what you are studying and that He will give you favor in the eyes of your professors so that they will be patient and willing to help you whenever the need arises. And since I know that our God is a God of excellence my sister, I am believing Him for A’s for you. I declare in the name of Jesus that because you know your God, you will be strong and do great exploits academically!” In Jesus’ name. Be encouraged sister!

  60. Praise the Lord
    My prayer request is for my finances. I have two small children and we are currently moving from place to place. I am in need of housing and transportation. Thank you for your prayers!

    • Lord God,
      Please touch & cover my sister Calandra as only you can. Lord God, we know you are Jehovah Jireh, our Provider and ever good & perfect gift comes from you. I ask that you please be with my sister and her family as they acclimate to a new city. Lord do a new thing in their lives and use them for Your will & Glory. Let them be living testimonies as to your goodness & unfailing mercy. Order their steps in Your word Oh God. Let them not wonder how they will get around by make ways out of no way. We humbly ask these blessings & unmerited favor in your mighty matchless & everlasting name. Amen

  61. Please pray for healing for my mom who has stage 4 colorectal cancer with lung and liver metastasis…..please pray for a change in my current situation….I feel so hopeless, like a failure sometimes. I feel like ……..

  62. I would like prayer for my 22 yr old daughter who has been falsely accused of abusing her daughter by her ex inlaws, who were the ones who actually done it. They wote a 5-8 page statement stating they watched her consistently beat on my grandbaby who will be 5 this year and was taking away from her mother and given to foster parents who has adopted her. It is because of the allegations and the baby’s she lost her child being fractured they felt she needed to be elsewhere. Due to the sexual abuse my daughter went through when she was younger by my ex- husband and the state taking custody of her for over a year although returning her to my custody, I was unable to obtain custody of my grandchild. Shes facing 54 years for something she didn’t do. Please pray for us, and that God will do for her what she can’t do for herself. God Bless, and thank you!

    • Father, you know all things. You know our end from the very beginning. I pray that you move in this situation as you Father are the righteous judge. Bring peace now Father in the name of Jesus. I ask that You touch those places of deep hurt that these trials have caused and bring healing right now. Show all concerned what is right in this situation so that the children involved will be whole and well. Let the truth be revealed in this situation Father so that justice will prevail. In Jesus’ name.

  63. I am in need for Prayers for my Financial situation and my Relationship right now. I picked up and moved away from my family to be with my boyfriend of 3 years and it seems as though whatever I do isn’t enough cause he complains I complain to much. I am emotionally and physically drained and in need of some strong Prayers. Money wise we are so strapped it’s having us fight more and more, Please help me. No car, and i’mm walking every where I need to go. Please put us all in Prayer . Thank you Jesus

    • My dear sister…my prayer for you first and foremost is that the Holy Spirit, who is Truth, will speak to you and show the truth and give you direction. I pray that favor and provision will come to you and that the Holy Spirit will direct you and give you wisdom in what you should do in this place that you find yourself. God sees you where you are and He absolutely loves you and wants to move in your live. I pray for peace in your heart…the peace of God that passes all understanding and I pray for direction and wisdom from the Holy Spirit in what you are to do. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  64. Please pray for my daughter kizzi she has to have surgery on her chin and mouth, she has a cyst and it has grown into her chin and she will have to have teeth removed and her chin built back up. Thank you

    • God is able my sister to do all things. I am praying that all will be will with your daughter and that she will be healed and whole in the name of Jesus!

  65. I recently rededicated my life to Christ and by no means do I feel it was a bad choice just need constant prayer. It seems the harder I try the worse things get and I realize its just the devil. I’m praying for GOD to show me what he has for me and my family. Recently separated and things are so hard trying to take care of my kids, bills and my health. I love Jesus will all my heart and want to do his will I just ask for grace and mercy during this point in my life and I know he’s going to deliver me from all this. I’ve been hurt, abused and I just need to now my next steps. Touch finances, situations and circumstances. Please pray for the H-B family we need it. In Jesus name we pray Amen ~A Believer~

  66. 1st giving all honor & glory to God. Im come in need of prayer for my sons that they seek out God to guide them in their lives, for my family that God keeps them under his covering & for me for spiritual discernment for God, financial blessings running over w/ enough to bless others, peace of mind & spirit from my past & God’s covering over my life that I may prosper in the ways that He has set for me. I pray for healing in the areas of my heart & spirit that are darkened/hardened from trials, tribulations & tragedies & ask God to renew my spirit of faith, love & strength. I want to thank God for His prayer warriors & may He continue to guide & bless you all w/ His anointed spirit. For everyones prayers we ask that God’s will be done in Jesus’ name amen & amen!

  67. My prayer request is for my children and grandson, my cousin Lashawn Raybon and her family, My God mother (Terry Webster) and her family, Monica Brown and Family, Don Taylor and family, Allis Calhoun and Family, Paris and Family, George Hardman, Tarvia Rochelle Turner, and Yvette Johnson and family (bereavement), and the Collins/Favors Family. I am praying for some up coming events: The Mother Daughter Conference this weekend, The Community Revival, and the organization of my business and nonprofit organization. Pray for all those I may come in contact with and that they do not leave the same way that they came to me. Please pray for my employment, financial, educational, personal, safety, and health. In Jesus name. Amen.

  68. Please pray for my prosperity and. I just lost my job in July and I need to find an income. I have been under deep spiritual attack in a 8 week period I lost my job, the engine on my car blew up, my grandmother who was otherwise healthy became suddenly ill and passed away (I helped to take care of her), and my uncle became ill and passed away, it has been one problem following another and it has been relentless. In I also need prayer that a lawsuit that I am in will end soon and in my and the other defendants favor. We have been accused of not having an legal election in our resident association because we would not allow people who had not paid their dues to vote or run for election because we did not consider them to be members of our association. We want this lawsuit to end now. The last thing I need pray for is being able to help others and speak God’s truth to them to lead them to Christ.

  69. My name is diana. I am requesting prayer for me and my daughter. I recently lost a job and i had to move back in with my mom. I have been living with my mom for about 5 yrs and was working 2 jobs . Im not making alot of money on my other job to support my daugjter and i. Yes my mom does help me when she can but i want to make a better life for my daughter. So pls pray that something opens up for me. Thank you in advance!

  70. Please pray for me and my family…….we r going through a daughter has a disease in her eyes……I was laid off from my job……and it seems like i can’t get back on my feet… is so hard….i feel like giving up at times….Please pray things get better… phone number.

  71. Praying for favor for my family. Praying for my son in school for he is being picked on daily. Praying for a friend named Sharon, she is about to loose her home shared with her 5 beaiful kids.praying for a fincial break throughan. Thank you God and everyone for your prayers.

  72. I am requesting prayer for myself and my family I know God is about to do something great and I am praying for the wisdom and strength to do what he requires of me. I know my part will require me to let go of some things and some people and I want to do his will no matter how hard it is for me.

  73. Stand in agreement my daughter Ashley lets go of bitterness,unforgiveness,hatered,in her heart against her dad,mom,and childrens dads.because she made wrong choices,and will not except her part in the situations,but blames everybody else. pray she pass her state test and becomes self dependent.

  74. I would like for my family andI to be prayed for….Also i need a special prayer for strength..and for me to be able to hold on to this new job that i was blessed with on sept 20…It is the 3rd shift and i’m truly tired when i get off…I also have a 11 month old baby that i have to deal with and take care of when i arrive……I truly love the job already,,,i just need strength….I never kept a job over 3months, and i want to keep it…show myself and my family that i am responsible….also i’m praying for a quick financial blessing to pay each and every bill in or home….Amen…

  75. I am requesting for prayers upon my life and for my family, that the fullness of the Holy Spirit of God may dwell amongst us. That our hearts be opened to the revelation messages of the word of God, giving the power and blessings to knowing Him more and more in depth and in fullness. That the word may be spoken around the world as a truthful testimony to all nations. Using us as an Ambassador to His will,purpose and calling to serve in his Vineyard. God bless your Ministry in Jesus Almighty Name.

  76. I ask for prayer for my marriage. My wife has several personal issues stemming from her childhood and her parents disfunctional marriage. They cause her to be a very difficult person to get along with. She has had numerous run ins with the few friends she has, family (both hers and mine), neighbors, co-workers, etc. Her attitude cost her her job/career that was 2/3 of our household income which we have been struggling to recover from for three years now. The issues have contributed to the erosion of our relationship in that so much has been done and said over the years that the ONLY things we share are children, bills, and debt. I worry now that as our children get older that she is repeating the same patterns of disfunction that she experienced as a child growing up. Counseling is not an option…we tried last year but she was not willing to be open to listening to how she may contributed to the state of the marriage…wanted to spend the sessions complaining about the same points over and over as to how I have destroyed our relationship…once even threatening to storm out once the therapist tried to cut her rant off. She knows she needs help and has issues, but I’m sure that her mother talks her out of seeking it saying that they will just call her “crazy” and use it against her (mother has issues too…has been a major source of tension in our marriage in her fight to remain #1 in my wife’s life). Splitting is not an option due to financial reasons and me being extrordinarily tight with our children. Neither of us are happy and we both feel trapped with no hope in sight.

    I just want to be happy…

  77. Asking for prayer for me spiritually and financially. It’s been a tough month and year financially. Also, pray for my 3 children as they pursue higher education and pray for their protection.

  78. I pray for a helping hand my family are going through some hard times financially, business is not so good my family all work in family business, recently business is very bad no wages for anyone, I feel very low and afraid . I feel lonely all the time now.

  79. Please pray for my dear friend who is in ICU, her name is Naomi. She has had a high fever and low blood pressure along with pains, Doctors can’t seem to pinpoint the infection in her body.

  80. Need prayer for healing been sick since feb.Was in a hospital for 4 days and nothing was done.Now seeing surgery doctor on Oct 7 to see if he say the same as to go forth with surgery on a 5.5 hernia n my groin a mesh that is laying on a nerve in my upper thigh left leg and some scar tissues in my right belly side.I been thru alot with my body in hospitals.I know God will bring me thru this as well

  81. In the mighty name of Jesus……I’m in need of financial favor and debt freedom….My employment came out of Chapt11 in September and things are moving really slow. Please come in agreement with me for increase so that I can get debt relief. In Jesus name Amen

  82. I have never done this beforeand its hard for me to open my self up. But my family is under attack, and Our Faith is so shakin. I lost my job 4months ago, my husbands job barely pays our rent, and bills well slowly everything is being shut off. I can’t find a job and neither can he. Then today I get a call for two interviews and can’t get to either one due to no has. Know I am to walk and Faith and believe but this attack on my whole family has gone on for far to long. My son, My Husband, and my self will alway put God first, but are at a lost of how to keep Faith and see that things will get better. I don’t want Us homeless again, but don’t see any solutions coming for us and Iam afraid this maybe what breaks my family completely. I am just asking for prayer for peace, understanding, strength, hope. Thank U, Peace and Blessings

  83. I come to you for prayer, for my family. I’m a single mother of four teenagers. Three Princesses and one Prince, ages 18, 16, 15, 13. My son is 16, and very rebellious. He wasn’t going to school and when he did attend he would get put out. So that lead to me getting a misdemeanor charge of Improper Supervision of a Minor. Well since then, he has improved tremendously. But now with this charge on my record and background, i can’t get accepted for a job. I have went on numerous interviews, but when my background check comes back they withdraw the job offer. I’m in jeopardy of losing everything including our home. Please pray for my family and i for a financial breakthrough. And i job opportunity that will not have this charge hanging over my head. Thank you and God Bless!

  84. I am asking for prayer for me and my family both spiritually and financially. I personally am going through something that I can only share with God! He knows my heart. I have ask God to forgive me of my sin. I am afraid of the outcome, but God has given me a sign that everything will be alright. My pastor has pray for me and I know he is a man of God. I am asking to be relieve of this matter on 14. In God I ask amen.

  85. Please pray for me as I am making a transition in my life that I walk circumspectly in God’s divine will! Pray that HRC Command show me favore in my job selection.

  86. I am in need of prayer for my family, to bring us together as a whole. I’m about to loose my home and my car. I feel like I’m loosing my mind!! I don’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes my soul gets weak when I know I can make it, I just need strength and courage to face all the things that are to come.
    Right now my heart hurts because I don’t know if I can feed my kids from day to day. I work two jobs and still feel like I can’t get ahead, sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough. maybe I need a third job….
    I just don’t know anymore. I just need guidance.

    • Father I pray for this dear one that ALL is RESTORED! In the Mighty Name of Jesus!! Increase, and make large the territory of this one and family dear father, I decree and declare turnaround!! favor, preferred advantage, to be given at every turn!! FAVOR!! FAVOR!! JOY Restored!!!

  87. I’ve been listing to your prayer line, I feel selfish for asking for anything when there are people who have bigger problems than me. I pray for all those who are suffering from cancer and any pain, I know what that’s like. I lost my mother from cancer. I’m pray for all those who need the help the faith in there hearts.
    Life is hard for all of us. If we could all do one thing a day to make another person smile I think this will go along way!! Love you all. Thanks for letting me listen to you line.
    Have a wonderful and blessed day!!!

  88. plzz pray for me to get another job,healing in my body,and a home. I recently lost my job & now im losing my husband is sick but he works and I would love to help him.i cant stand long hours but im still able and willing to go all the way with him & god. ty

  89. Please if you all may pray that david frazier heart will open up and give in and stop the harsh and distant treatment he has been giving me . And that the lord humbles his heart and soul toss me and that he would give in to talking to me . Thank u so much .. bless u all

  90. Please pray for me to have better health, a financial blessing so that I can stop living from less than check to check, and that I will prosper in 5LINX so I can help others in need.

  91. Please join me in prayer for my health; my mental and emotional state. Also to lose 130 lbs over the next 26 months. I can no longer bare the weight and with hypothyroidism it has come on fast and has been hard to lose. I am requesting prayer for my family’s financial situation and a prosperity breakthrough, In Jesus mighty name. I bless everyone who is seeking prayer and those praying with us. May El Shaddai have mercy upon us and his loving grace abound. Thank you !

  92. I am asking for prayers for my son. He is addicted to drugs and i dont know what else to do. I am asking God to please deliver him from this addiction and to make the family strong.

    • Sis Jenny, praying is the only thing you can do, and God is the only One who can deliver. Put it all in God’s hands and praise Him in advance for what you believe He is going to do. “Father God we come right now thanking you for being who you are. You are an awesome God, a mighty God, a God who sits high and looks low and know everything about us, right down to the very numbers of strands of hair on our heads, and so Father God you know what Sis Jenny is reaching out to you for. Lord you told us in your word to cast all of our cares on You for You care for us. So right now Lord I ask that you show Sis. Jenny how to let go of this burden that she is carrying and rest in Your will. There is unstoppable power in the name of Jesus, so Father, right now in the name of Jesus I ask the you remove the taste of the drugs from the mouth of Sis Jenny’s son. We bind that spirit of addiction in the mighty name of Jesus that he will no long seek and search for the next high Lord and ask that You will replace it with an addiction of seeking and searching for Your will in his life. Work in his will that whenever the urge to get high come upon him, that he will be reminded that he has a mother that loves him and how much it is hurting her to see him destroy himself through the use of drugs. Lord, prick his heart and show him how much it is destroying his life and every one who cares for him. In the mighty name of Jesus and for his sake we are letting in rest in your hands. Amen.” Remember Sister Jenny, our timing is not God’s timing. Be strong and rest in the Lord.

  93. I desire you join me in prayer for my family: dad, mom, sisters, brother, my daughters, my son, my grandchildren, all relatives, friends, coworkers. The president, govenment officials, state and locals. All that are lost and or broken. Children, elderly, sick, shutins. All who know our Lord and savior and those who will , and those who do not. Plant the seed of life in us all. Release you spirit in us now. Cleanse us renew us with the right spirit. Feed and clothe us. Meet every need. Protect our children from hurt harm detruction. Send home those missing/held captive. In Jesus name. Bless me to do your will.

  94. I am at work and listening. Praise God!. He is good and in the business of blessing. This prayer line is a blessing. I pray God’s will be done for each and everyone of us in this God thing, the ministry, lifting others, being a blessing to someone. Amen.

  95. My babies to stop running. All 4 and were saved and dedicated to the Lord. My youngest son at 32 has this unnatural fear now of being happy. A lot of things have blown up in his face and now he refuses to believe he can be happy. Not a great example for his 1 year old. I’m sure I don’t know everything . The backlash does trickle down and were. concerned for our grandson.The other 3 think they cando it without God too. Religion class in college is where the backsliding began….we just wannt what God wannts for them

    • Father, we know that you hear us and we can be confident that if you hear us, we will have the petition that we ask of You, I come now standing with my sister, believing you to move in the lives of her children. Father I ask that you would put laborers in the paths of her children who will speak into their lives and stir them and turn their heart to you. I pray for the young man struggling with fear, we know Father that fear does not come from You, from You we receive power, love and a sound mind. I stand in the gap for this young man and I stand in my authority as the servant of the Most High God and call peace and joy in the Holy Spirit to operate in his life now! I ask Father that this young man feel your love, pour over him and into him and that he will know that true joy, true peace and true happiness are found in You. Give this mother peace Father, let her know that she can trust You with her children. We will watch You work in their lives and we will give You all the praise and glory as we see You answer our prayers, In Jesus’ Name

  96. Please pray for Ashley to pass her state test for CNA class and increase for finances so she can pay her rent and not be evicted. pray for her to forgive as she has been forgiven and let go of the pass and her attitude to be grateful for all GOD has blessed her with

  97. Me and my family relocated I would like prayer for furniture and clothes for me and my children. I am in Need of a finacial blessing and JOB. A husband of Gods choice. AMEN. Thank You so much.

  98. I am praying for physical and financial healing. I was recently fired from my job due to a serious illness and as a single mom am looking to God to supply my every need.

  99. Iam a recently divorced mom of one. I am going through a custody battle with my ex husband of our daughter. Iam presently not working and could loose my baby if I’m not working. All my bills are behind. I have no help my family is not there for me. I need a miracle from GOD today. Iam trusting him but the devil is trying real hard. I need God to show up and out please contact me I don’t mind the one on one 6785922159

  100. I ask for pray for thoughts that need your blessings. Me too o lord but i know that there are people that need u more give me strenght to bear my pains and mistakes Amen

  101. i am in need of prayer,i am a single mom of two kids and we are currently homeless,and is unemlopyed.we had a place of our own last year,but then that all changed when i lost my then job,causing me to lose the home we had,and from ther its been hell for us.we then went to stay with people who i thought were good friends,that went sour,due to her husbands infidelities.,which caused a strain on our friendship.not to mentino that i was dealing with the fact tha my so was molested/raped by an older sibiling(they share the same father).i also trying to obtain my ged,so that i can go to colege and try to start my career and hopefully provide an better life for me and my now i have fonud another job,and things were looking okay,well things took another turn fro the worst,i recieved a call tha my grand mother wasnt doing too i went to see her and a weekend visit became a permanat stay.i quit my job to take care of her full time,without pay.agign leaving me and my kids to struggle with little to no now im farther behind in my ged classes,unable to find a job,and at my witts end.i dnt know what else to do.i have a hus/section 8 voucher but im not living or working in the county where its located.i can only use it if i am workin and /or living in that county.and i have been looking for an job and is having no luck at all.i went back to the adult education center,and found out im am almost done with the ged class,but not being able to attend is putting a strain on that because as of 01-01-2014 you will have to pay for the test and each part that you miss and it will be giving on the what im asking for is if you all arent tooo busy please say a prayer for me and my children to come outta this storm that we are in.

  102. I am requesting prayer because I am feeling so defeated & depressed. I recently learned that a family member has stolen a substantial amount of money from me that I was due to inherit. The matter is now before the courts & very stressful. It has divided my family. I have some major contracting work that has to be done in my home and I’m praying I don’t have mold issues. My health is starting to take a toll. My blood pressure has been high and it never has been high before. I’ve had to rebuke feelings that came upon me in the form of stroke & heart attack. I need the peace that passers all understanding.

  103. I ask for prayers as I travel to and from work daily an hour each way that I find something closer to home..I ask God for strength in my everyday travels. My car has put me down I’m borrowing cars just to get here so that I can make ends meet for me and my teenage son that thinks mommy has it all…Lord I ask for pray that my son stays on the straight and narrow don’t let him stray towards the wrong crowd…I ask for prayer for my family, friends, and enemies if there is any..last but not least I pray that my brother comes home early from prison he has one more year but he is a great guy that got caught up with the wrong crowd…I believe I pray for others more than I pray for myself. I just want people to be happy and I put mines on the back burner so I just pray and pray and continue to pray…thank you in advance


  105. I want to ask God for forgiveness and Guidance and Peace. Cleanse me. Protect me . Use me to show others how I have lost all material things along with children. How I relocated for a peace of mind and how he has and is anmd will comtinue on blessing me.

  106. Amen and Amen! you ladies are awesome… God sees and He is well pleased. You are being lead by the spirit. I love it, and I love you….

  107. I am still here and praying with you. I am at work… But God is awesome. You ladies have been awesome. I am loving all that God is doing. Pray for me and my families, that God continues to work on me and all my children and grandchildren. My family I desire to be saved and believing. Lord allow me to be an example to my family, friends, coworkers, everyone I come in contact with. I have needs but God I know you know every need. The home, the finances, the transportation… all you have in store for me and mine, release it today. In Jesus name. God bless you.

  108. The prayer line was awesome… God is awesome. The line was open for almost 2 hours (just shy 3 mins). You are blessing people oh Lord… you are blessing people. We keep our minds on you my God. Watching miracles unfold, blessing released. I open my hands to receive each and every thing my Father in Heaven has for me and mine. Amen! God bless you.

    Always Your Sister Tyronda R. Jackson

    • I stayed in for as long as I could. It was an awesome call. It was also my first call but definitely will not be my last. I am happy to present a praise report. I went to the Dr. (Which was why I couldn’t stay in the line long) and my blood pressure went from high to LOW. I feel good and am trusting God that my test results will be just fine next week. I’m surrendering my legal issue to him and just praying for new vision & direction in my life. God Bless you all & Thank you.

      • Amen! Amen! I am sure that God is not done with you. I believe that many blessings are to come to you. God says to ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door is open. Remember to always trust and thank Him for all things. God bless you.

  109. God is good all the time and I am thanking him in advance for why he is about to foo for my family and brother my brother is facing a difficult obstacle and he is scared but I know I serve an awesome. God so I’m asinine for pray for my brother Leonard that God will bring him through and out becuz the devil is a lie

  110. I am asking for intervention and guidance. I want to relocate and need God’s intervention to move forward in the way he would have me go.

  111. Good morning Prayer Warriors. Please pray for my friend Christine. She was downsized in June and needs to find a job. I cried at an email that she sent me this morning where she thanked me for being a true friend that has managed to be a source of comfort to her during a difficult time. She said others have alienated her and she feels so alone. I reminded her that God is still on the throne and she is never alone. I’m claiming that God will open doors of opportunity for her within the next 30 days

  112. I am a listening each week, thanking God to be her and able. I know God is still in the blessing business. Salvation and faith in God and His word is key to living the good life. I am asking that God would have his way in my ministry, life, my family, my children, health, wealth, wisdom, places we go, things we say. I want to experience the goodness of my Lord in Jesus name. I received Him March 1984, and I just want to be who, where, and what He wants me to be. Tyronda R. Jackson

  113. Please….I desire prayer…. God knows whats going on…just dont know if I am praying right. Seems as if Im falling harder and harder.trying not to hive up….please help!!!

  114. I’m asking prayer for my mom and my family. She has a major surgery friday nov 8 and I want her to get through the surgery ok and for it to be a good out come.also I have a grandson that 3 years old that might have cancer again and I’m believing God for a miracle for him.

  115. Im asking for prayer because I have copd and scoliosis! My body stay in pain! Im asking for blessings for a car and a place to stay I have faith and I know God is the best doctor there is so I’m leaving my burdens on you Lord! In Jesus name Amen!

  116. I have a lot of new-news in my life
    This day is all new one I have never seen before that The Lord God Almighty has allowed me to see
    I’m 41 today so that’s new for me
    Within the last two months I have moved to a new city and state
    My children just moved to a new school
    I am a grandma now… Help me Jesus
    I’ve been the lowest I’ve ever been financially in my life BUT my relationship with God has been at an all-time high
    I’ve been at my heaviest in weight ever in my life BUT I’m determined to loose 150 lbs. by my 42nd birthday Lord willing!
    I ask that those who love me and those who don’t to continue to pray for me as I continue this journey of new-news that I will continue to allow God to lead and guide me along this narrow way

  117. Stand in agreement my daughter Ashley forgives and lets go of the pass and stop going around causing confusion,lying to break peace, and take responsibility for her actions of what she does. May GOD loving touch correct her in His will n JESUS name.

  118. Please pray for my family my finances the devil has been very busy trying to destroy me and I’m standing strong because I know God got me…the devil has already removed two of my kids out of my home and is trying to make us homeless.

  119. Please pray for me my family, Our needs. My youngest brother Tim he will be safe in correctional institution / halfway work release and sentence shorten. Healing for nephew.

  120. Being set appart in favor. I was married, we had 4 kids together, divorced because of infidelity, physical abuse, drug use, no concern of family or needs. My ex married the woman he had affair with, divorced years later (but during this time he neglected all responsibilities of family/children we had together). After the voice he tried to reestablish relationship with our children (3 girls, 1 son) now grown with children of their own. A year ago he got back with that same woman after realizing that I was not interested with another relationship with him but we were able to be sociable for and with the kids. In the time of being back with this woman he has neglected the family/children and grandchildren. He feels that in doing what his wife wants that he is in the will of God, thinks he is correct/right in his actions. Maybe I am wrong. Please pray for this situation.

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